General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU regulation on data protection and privacy. When it comes into force on 25 May 2018, it largely replaces the current data protection regulation, which means that this is the biggest change in European data protection rules over the last 20 years.

Simply explained, the GDPR applies to all personal data processed within the EU’s borders, or refers to persons in the EU – regardless of where the organisation handling the data is located.

The main purpose of the GDPR is to reconcile and simplify legislation and to strengthen data protection for the individual in the same way throughout the EU.

For individuals this means greater control over one’s personal data, and for companies operating in the EU, GDPR provides certain additional requirements regarding how personal data is handled. But even if some things change, it is much that remains the same. welcomes GDPR

We believe that a natural consequence of GDPR is that there will be higher demands on data protection and increased transparency and security around organisations’ processes. This opens up opportunities for innovative and customer-centric companies to take the lead and drive development that gives consumers greater insight into how their data is used, as well as flexibility and control over how their personal information is handled in order to Take better advantage of products and services offered.

We have a clear ambition – we want to offer flexible products and services that our customers benefit from. It is important for us to be clear about this, because personal data is not only required to manage payments and to comply with legal obligations, but Also to avoid unnecessary, repetitive steps and instead enable the personal, agile user experience that is all about. handles personal data with the utmost care, and if necessary we adapt our products, systems and processes in accordance with the requirements set out in GDPR. For us, the work does not end on May 25th – rather the other way round; We will continue to improve our services with our customers’ privacy in mind.

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