Litecoin Prediction 2019 – Will This Be The Year For Price & Adoption?


Published: 09/01/2019

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Since Bitcoin’s source code is publicly available, it means developers easily build on it to make their own choice cryptocurrencies or’altcoins’. Many popular cryptocurrencies could be traced back to a significant cryptocurrency before. As an example, the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, was a version of Litecoin, which was a version of Bitcoin.

Litecoin changed adaption rates of Bitcoin, and Dogecoin of Litecoin

If we examine the very first altcoins we could see that there were only smaller changes made to Bitcoin’s original source code. Altcoins tended to distinguish in a couple of aspects. Firstly, the number of coins which could be generated, the rate at which transactions were processed and the reward given to those easing transactions. Below is a summary of the initial altcoins to be produced. Most are directly connected, with little in the way of important differences.

Altcoins from 2008 – 2012

It was mainly adoption rates that distinguished altcoins from 2008 to 2012. There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies recorded on sites like What’s caused this explosion? For one as the cryptocurrency ecosphere is devoted to open source development capable developers now have a bunch of different cryptocurrencies to build on. Second, cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum make it relatively easy to make applications and altcoin in addition to its blockchain. As of March (28th) 2018 there are now 1591 total cryptocurrencies recorded on site.

That Altcoin Currently Predominate?

Here’s the market capitalization at March 28th 2018 16:00.

The Quantity of cryptocurrencies has exploded since 2008
The best ten cryptocurrencies differ from one another, but may be grouped together in the attributes they share. Beginning from Bitcoin as a heart cryptocurrency a quick overview is offered here:

Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin

Bitcoin cash and Litecoin function in precisely the exact same manner as Bitcoin except their adoption rates vary. Litecoin was created so that transactions could be processed faster and has another supply restricted to Bitcoin as covered earlier.

Bitcoin Cash is basically Bitcoin but with eight times the scalability. It was a tricky fork of Bitcoin where one camp decided to make a totally new cryptocurrency because of the way to take care of the scalability problems (current protocol can’t cope with the number of transactions being processed).

Ripple and Stellar

Two of them, Ripple and Stellar, differ from above in that they’re designed as trade networks. Most digital currencies are made to be saved unit of value nevertheless Ripple and Stellar are made to digitalize regular fiat (national currency) trades with their tokens.

Both digital currencies offer quicker payment solutions by using blockchain technology. Ripple is suited towards leading and banks for people trading foreign currencies. Both have central interference on what transactions are processed so it would be tricky to call them pure’cryptocurrencies’.

‘Second Generation’ Cryptocurrencies

The remaining cryptocurrencies at the top ten could be considered much more than a store of value or a payments processing support. Ethereum, EOS, Cardano, NEO and IOTA all offer the ability for users to build on top of those. Rather than just being a money, they’ve been designed to be built on top of.

Ethereum was the first cryptocurrency made especially to make building applications on top of a blockchain simple. The others above basically enable individuals to perform the exact same but differ from Ethereum in a number of aspects.

Date: January 14, 2019
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