Bloomberg Panel: Will Bitcoin Have A Rebound in 2019?


Published: 17/12/2018

Channel: Bloomberg Markets and Finance

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Cryptocurrency markets can be extremely volatile with cryptos vulnerable to speculation, regulatory changes, and dramatic events regarding the significant cryptocurrency exchanges, up to and including closing. Saxo’s Bitcoin and Ethereum ETN offerings make it possible for traders indirect exposure to the two biggest cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation whilst retaining the safety of a conventional exchange-listed item.

Saxo’s strategy team provide expert analysis of cryptocurrency trends with a focus on regulation, technical analysis, market capitalisation, and news in the crypto space. While this asset class continues to grow, Saxo will continually review its offerings to make sure investors enjoy access to various instruments featuring high levels of transparency and security.

Cryptocurrencies are digital monies based on blockchain technology. A blockchain is an electronic ledger whose entrances are procured using cryptography. These ledgers, or lists of documents, are utilised to find out the introduction of cryptocurrency units as well as to save info regarding purchases and transfers.

Date: January 15, 2019

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