Coinmama – Buy Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency With Credit Card

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Coinmama: Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Published: 13/12/2017

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Launched in 2013, Coinmama is a cryptocurrency market that's based from Israel but enrolled in Slovakia. Owned and run by New Bit Ventures Limited, Coinmama enables individuals from 217 countries throughout the world to make purchases of both Bitcoin and Ethereum. These trades can be performed using either a credit and debit cards via Western Union.

Regrettably, customers can simply buy the two chief cryptocurrencies on Coinmama and can't sell or trade them or some other cryptocurrency.

Where it will stand out, is due to its secure trades than what clients can see at most other exchanges. This is a result of all purchases coming straight from Coinmama's own holdings of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Not merely is Coinmama understood for how stable their trades are also for the simplicity and speed they provide when creating these trades. They're permitted purchases to be made with credit or debits cards that is something which a range of trades don't let.
Continue reading to discover more about Coinmama and it is among the most effective and quick ways to receive your hands on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Mobile Apps

Coinmama has yet to make a mobile program for their stage and rather requires customers to browse right to their own site if they wish to generate a buy of Bitcoin or Ether. What's more, there's not been any API published as of yet that would enable users to develop customized programs that could work together with the stage.

Whether will be developed from the near-future is unknown but we do believe an program especially will go well with mobile users who are looking to have the ability to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on the move.

Coins Offered

As mentioned before, Coinmama does not enable the selling or trading of any cryptocurrencies and rather only permits users to buy Bitcoin or even Ethereum.

Registering at Coinmama

Where Coinmamam will certainly appeal is that together with being accessible globally, users aren't required to confirm their identity for purchases up to $/$150 of Bitcoin or even Ethereum. This is a quality that will undoubtedly appeal to customers who appreciate their anonymity in a market that's still largely unregulated.

Purchasing bigger quantities of cryptocurrency will demand confirmation, but with government-issued identification function as kind of ID required. Anything like a passport or drivers license will likely be appropriate while customers will also need to complete a form that may confirm their address and credit card information.

Ordinarily, most verifications in Coinmama take no longer than a couple of hours so long as they're filed during routine office hours. Any admissions out of those hours will clearly take somewhat longer to process. Despite this slower procedure, the superb customer support staff at Coinmama perform very hard to try to get things done as soon as possible.

So as to permit users to become directly for their own purchases, the first verification procedure will ordinarily be no longer than a couple of minutes. This so that consumers aren't likely to be hampered in their ability to make the most of any specific price movements.

While some purchase won't be completed entirely, the costs and the current exchange rates will be secured in because they were in the time of their buy. They'll be secured in at those numbers until the confirmation procedure was completed and the consumer has received their purchase. Any changes which may have happened in the marketplace because the order was put will not have any influence on the cost when the procedure is complete.

  • No confirmation required for purchases under $/$150. - Exchange rates secured in until verification completed. - Registrations confirmed in hours (during business hours)

Building a Purchase of Bitcoin or Ethereum

Where Coinmama is guaranteed to appeal to dealers is that there's not any requirement for consumers to register their card information when using a credit or debit card to make the purchase. The card details are entered once on the checkout form on the site alongside their wallet speech. These details are then abandoned as Coinmama doesn't store any of the info.

Even though users have confirmed their account as they want to buy more than $/$150 of Bitcoin or even Ethereum, the only info that needs to match would be the speech of the client that has been registered with the website needs to be just like the address to get credit/debit card.

When the order was filed, the user will first have to await the credit card processor to process the trade. The time required will vary but normally, it requires no longer than 15-20 minutes. After this payment has been removed, the arranged cryptocurrency is subsequently transferred into the consumer's wallet of option.

Coinmama doesn't possess its own wallet as of yet, which is somewhat disappointing considering that many of the opponents do. It follows that most users will need to find and make another wallet to the storage of the cryptocurrencies which were bought from Coinmama.

Coinmama needs players to complete a validation procedure with respect to their own wallet by sending a confirmation link via email. This is to make certain that the wallet is legitimate and is possessed by the user that's making the buy.
This does mean, however, is the fact that it's not feasible for users to buy cryptocurrencies out of Coinmama on the benefit of friends or loved ones. They'd rather need to use their pocket and find a way to move it to another individual's wallet.

  • Credit/debit cards don't have to get registered. - Quick and simple to buy. - No wallet given by Coinmama.

Making purchases on Coinmama is performed easily and economically with all significant debit and credit cards being approved. Western Union is not the only other approved form of payment on Coinmama but normally, users would rather benefit from having the ability to utilize a card - a thing that's not necessarily possible with their opponents.

Users will probably be buying Bitcoin or even Ethereum using the US Dollar or the Euro and the ordered quantity of cryptocurrency will soon be delivered to the consumer's third party wallet.

  • Credit/debit cards. - Western Union

Transaction Charges

We saw that the charges in Coinmama to be rather high compared to many of the opponents and we recommend that you factor in 10 percent in fees when making trades on the website. This can be broken down to some 5.50% commission that Coinmama fees you for each trade and a further fee of 5 percent additional to any trade that having a debit or credit card.

Additionally, an individual's credit card company may request a cash advance fee. This will be based in bank to bank with a few potentially viewing the trade as cash.
- 50% transaction fee - 5% commission when utilizing credit/debit cards

Purchasing Limits

In contrast to their most important opponents, Coinmama does possess some extremely large buying limitations. Users using debit or credit cards to their trades, particularly, will benefit from having the ability to buy larger quantities of those 2 cryptocurrencies available.
$5,000 is the daily limit while the monthly limit is $20,000 for many verified users who have filed the bare minimum of identification.

The whole quantity of cryptocurrency a user can buy over time is going to be restricted based on the amount of verification they've got from Coinmama. There are 3 degrees in total with much more info on every f the being discovered below:
Measure 1: - This really is the entry-level confirmation amount and this is given once an individual has offered a government-issued ID.

This amount enables users to buy a total of $10,000 from cryptocurrency in Coinmama. Measure 2: - Consumers who have supplied two distinct government-issued IDs in addition to a utility charge that affirms that the user's This amount will permit the user to purchase a maximum of $50,000 value of cryptocurrency from Coinmama. Measure 3: - The best level of confirmation at Coinmama allows users to buy up to $1million from cryptocurrency. Earning this amount will require touch base with Coinmama and filling out a form in addition to the confirmation procedure for degree 2.

Nations and Countries Supported at Coinmama

Coinmama is proud of the fact they can give their solutions to a broader audience than many of the opponents. In reality, it's simply sanctioned states that Coinmama can't accept departing approximately 217 states they can offer their solutions.
Coinmama can also be able to take trades from 24 countries in the usa. The entire list of those states are seen on the site.

  • 217 approved nations worldwide - 24 US countries can buy from Coinmama

We had a nice experience with the client service at Coinmama and discovered them to be responsive and very valuable. Touch base with their client services is completed via email and normally, you can expect a response within 24hrs.

Their business hours are said on their site between 11 pm and 7 am pacific time between Sunday and Thursday. This we presume, would be to be in accordance with Western time zones. They also admit to being slower in responding when outdoors of those times and hours.

A useful F.A.Q section in their site which appears to answer a good number of queries that consumers may have are also found.

  • Support normally responds with 24 hours. - Informative F.A.Q section.


Coinmama has ever been a rather little market - particularly compared to a number of the bigger names on the market. They normally get approximately 600,000 visitors every day, which can be tiny compared to the likes of Coinbase that frequently receives approximately 30+ million.
"We have never been able to discover any news or signs of any safety breaches in Coinmama and we really feel an assault on them is improbable. That will be probably down to Coinmama not supplying their own cryptocurrency pockets and so saving any cryptocurrencies on the benefit of the clients".

  • No cryptocurrencies saved on the consumer's - No known breaches of safety.

Coinmama has some excellent benefits and selling things in contrast to its rivals but it does have a few disadvantages too. Getting accessible across the planet and the capability to have the ability to buy either Bitcoin or Ether using a debit or credit card will surely appeal to a lot of users.

But not having the ability to sell or trade those monies and the reality that just BTC and ETH could be obtained, is unquestionably a limit for Coinmama.

Despite some drawbacks however, Coinmama includes a fantastic reputation and is widely regarded as a trusted, secure and dependable place for buyers to receive their hands on both biggest cryptocurrencies.

It surely is not the least expensive and doesn't have a number of the numerous features which other exchanges perform but it's surely nice and efficient using all the attributes it will supply for its own customers.

  • Cryptocurrencies could be purchased with credit/debit cards
  • Responsive customer support
  • Wide reach of 217 countries and 24 countries
  • No affirmation needed up to purchases of $/$150
  • Exchange rates secured in while awaiting confirmation
  • High purchasing limitations.
  • Just BTC and ETH available for sale. - No trading or selling can be carried out.

Coinmama: Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

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